Carbon Footprint

As part of our environmental strategy in minimising the environmental impact of this organisation as far as is practicable Primo IT will aim to develop and sustain energy management measures, which will not only meet all legal and statutory requirements and approved codes of practice but which are at the leading edge of good practice.  Primo IT will endeavour to practice responsible energy management throughout all activities in line with the service requirements of staff.  Primo IT will through the implementation of an Energy Management Strategy aim to achieve the following objectives:

  • To promote energy awareness amongst its staff.
  • To monitor and report energy performance in an appropriate way.
  • To reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and emissions and utilise energy from sustainable sources where practicable.
  • To reduce water consumption.
  • To identify and implement energy saving measures and practice energy efficiency throughout all premises and equipment where it is cost effective to do so.
  • To promote good energy management practices to other organisations.
  • An instruction to be given that all PC’s must have the energy saving software enabled.
  • The efficient use of energy is the responsibility of all staff